Monday, December 20, 2010

Approaching the New Year with a smile

I’ve lost count of the number of days that it has been raining, but I know that I’ve been hanging out at home for what seems like a long time.  On Saturday evening, I made a break for it and celebrated my birthday at John Ash in Santa Rosa with my husband, son and some of our friends.  It was a grand evening despite the lousy weather.

One of the specials of the day was a pink snapper served over a mix of healthy grains and vegetables.  I jumped at that option and was not disappointed.  When the server came up behind me with a plate containing a flaming candle and birthday treat, I was points -ready for whatever she had to offer. 

The plate had crème brulee in a ramekin the size of a silver dollar and a small plain biscotti.  Although impossible to really know how many points were on the plate, I counted it as six, and borrowed only two points from my weekly 49 to add to my daily total.  I left the restaurant without feeling like I overdid any part of the evening with the exception of the fun part.

As I get ready to enter 2011, I have been reflecting upon how much better I feel than I did one short year ago.  And, I look at my husband, proudly, as he has also shed “serious poundage.” Together, we are crossing into the New Year weighing 95 pounds less than we did before we embarked on our weight loss journey.   When we hit the 100- pound mark, I’ll be sure to brag!

Talk to you soon.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthday greetings...from me!

So much to catch up on, I don’t know where to begin.  It’s been two weigh-ins since I last wrote and week 64, I lost .4 pounds and week 65, I lost .2 pounds, so the total is 31.8 pounds as I approach my 59th birthday…tomorrow.

I’m finding the new program more fun than the old one, and I like having free fruit whenever I feel like a snack.  Bravo Weight Watchers for re-thinking and re-creating the program.

Let’s see, what else do I have to report???  Well, I think the most exciting news is that I won a business contest sponsored by British Airways that involved our company’s pet product, supercollar®.  The prize is a trip to New York and London and then from London, I get to pick anywhere in the world I want to visit.  My husband and I picked Abu Dhabi as the place we want to see.

I am already planning my PointsPlus program around Middle Eastern food.  I think the lamb, rice, and yogurt will be an integral part of what goes on with me for the time we will be “in residence.”  I am counting the days until we leave!

Another high point of my last two weeks came yesterday, when my husband and I went to Left Bank in Larkspur for dinner.  We had the pleasure of meeting the daughter of my Weight Watchers buddy, Nora, after enjoying a wonderful meal.  I had salmon, which was served on a plank, over fresh vegetables.  Delicious and points friendly!

As I approach my birthday celebration, I am marching in with 49 points of my weekly allowance ready for use.  I won’t be going wild, but I may have a bite or two of something special.  It’s not about the food, it’s about the family and friends who will be sharing the evening with me. 

Last year at this time, I had lost about 10 pounds and wondered how I would look this year.  Well, let me tell you that almost 32 pounds off looks “MAHVELOUS” by comparison.  The time was going to pass either way, so I’m sure glad I stuck with it and can enjoy a healthier, more comfortable, me.

Talk to you soon.

P.S.  You can catch the national appearance of supercollar® on Tuesday, December 21st on the CBS Early Show.  It is being featured as a Holiday Pet Pick! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Reborn in week 63

Tuesday was weigh-in day and the first day of the new program.  It was like joining all over again, even though it was week 63.  I lost .4, so my total is 31.2 pounds at the starting gate, or one-half pound per week since September 22, 2009.

I now have five more points than I had a week ago and 49 weekly points on top of them.  I immediately checked my Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bars to see how they fared in the new and improved point structure.  Unfortunately for me, they went from one point to three points.  It’s not a big deal, especially with the extra points. 

I am in love with the “pointless” fruit.  I always shared my bananas with my Labrador Retrievers so that I didn’t use the full point value of them in the former program.  I still share, but less goes to the dogs.

Now, it’s time for lunch.  I see a peanut butter, multi-grain English muffin topped with a banana in my future.  Who knows, I might even throw in a Giant Fudge Bar for dessert if I’m in the mood.

Talk to you soon.