Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bigger is not always better

Who gained 2.6 pounds in week 58 of Weight Watchers…me.  This is the most weight I have gained in the time I have been a member.  Why did this happen?  It’s not like I don’t know.  I have been away for three weeks, part of which was work but most of it was vacation. 

I worked hard at staying on the program, but I knew that it was very difficult to really know how things were prepared in the 50+ restaurant meals that I consumed.  I couldn’t see the butter going into some of the dishes that I ordered, but I was pretty sure it was in there somewhere.

Going back to a meeting today was a very calming experience.  I missed my fellow Weight Watchers, missed the ritual of Tuesday mornings at 9:30 and missed the routine of writing my blog and posting my results.

I’m happy now.  Of course, I’m not thrilled about the weight gain, but it will be gone in two weeks.  That’s going to happen.  I am a creature of habit and now that my old bad habits have been replaced with good Weight Watchers habits, I feel much better.  And, can you imagine what would happen if I tossed in the towel now???  I figure it would take roughly six months to be back to my old weight.  Yuk!

Talk to you soon. 

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