Saturday, October 23, 2010

Home sweet home

It feels like I have been on a desert island for about two weeks.  I haven’t gone this long without writing a post since I embarked on my Weight Watchers journey in September 2009.  But, there is a good reason for it.

I left on a business trip to Chicago on October 6th and returned home on the 10th.  The next day, my husband and I left for our vacation in Hawaii.  When we are away and nobody is minding the house, I don’t like to bring attention to the fact that we are away and nobody is minding the house.

And now we are home…back from a wonderfully relaxing time on the Big Island.  The dogs have come home from the “babysitter”, the clothes have been unpacked, washed and put away, the grocery shopping, via Safeway delivery, is over, Costco has been visited, and it seems like my routine is back in full swing.

I have to admit that although I miss the beach, I am glad to get back to the routine.  It’s very easy to see how two weeks away from the control in my kitchen and missing two Weight Watchers meetings can set one up to go down the “dark path.” 

You do your best to control your restaurant choices, hope that the ingredients haven’t been doctored up with secret additives like butter, and guesstimate portion size from experience.  Until I show up on Tuesday and get on the Weight Watchers meeting scale, I am not getting on my scale.  It’s going to take that long to get two weeks worth of salt out of my system.

So folks, I’m back.  I always miss you when I’m gone, and it’s good to be home.

Talk to you soon.

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