Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween...I'm looking forward to your candy

It’s Halloween, the Niners played the Broncos in London, and, of course, it’s World Series baseball.  What a combination of at home, mostly on my couch events, for one day. I have a bowl of candy ready for the “Trick or Treaters,” but figure they aren’t showing up as long as their parents are watching the Giants and Rangers playing Game 4.

Speaking of the candy…I haven’t touched it except to put it in the bowl.  As a matter of fact, I am looking forward to Tuesday’s Weight Watchers meeting to pick up some more of it.  When confronted with what to do with the leftover Halloween candy that a lot of us will have tomorrow, the temptation for most of us is to eat it. 

Some of my fellow WW members buy the stuff they don’t like to avoid that temptation, and others have family members hide the leftovers so they don’t eat them.  I decided to fix the potential problem for all of us by offering to collect up all the uneaten candy and bring it home after Tuesday’s meeting.

Now don’t think that I’m getting ready to pull a candy scam and eat it.  I volunteered to box it up and send it to the troops.  I have done my research and know how to make it happen, so that’s why I am looking forward to seeing how much I get to send.

I have 70 mini Milky Ways and Snickers, enough for 35 Trick or Treaters.  I hope they all come, but if they don’t, I’ll be sending the leftovers overseas to the guys and gals who deserve it.  If you are in my Tuesday morning meeting, don't forget to help me out!

Talk to you soon.

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