Monday, November 1, 2010

Need more candy...please!

We started Halloween with 70 mini- candy bars, and I figured that I would end it with at least half of them.  Last year, we had about a dozen Trick or Treaters appear at our door.  Boy, was I wrong.  We blew through that candy in about 30 minutes when groups of 10-15 children showed up at once.

It got to the point where I switched to Nature Valley Granola Bars just to finish up with part of a group that was going to get nothing.  I’m sure that the reaction to my healthy Halloween snack was the same as the one I had about 50 years ago when somebody gave me two pennies instead of candy.

Once the end had come, of the candy that is, my husband made our house “go black.”  All lights, both inside and out, were turned off and we sat in silence watching the end of the Giants game.  We cheered quietly.

Tomorrow is Weight Watchers, and I expected to be the lead-off batter with the leftover candy that I will be sending overseas to the troops.  Now, I have no candy, so please collect up all of yours and bring it to the meeting.  I promise to buy some more to add to it, so that the box is chock full of goodies.

Talk to you soon.

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