Monday, November 15, 2010

Around the world...while losing weight

I think I’m going to make this blog a combination of losing weight and travel.  It seems like all I do lately is eat in restaurants, because I am on the road.  And, it’s not going to change in the foreseeable future.  I figured out that I’m gone one week each month between now and next April, so I better start planning for it.

I’m home now, however, and I don’t get nervous about holiday eating, even though it’s just around the corner.  None of us got overweight from eating Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s what happens after that dinner that sets the tone for weight gain or loss, and I believe I have conquered the potential problem after over a year in the program.  For me, Thanksgiving is another day of eating on program and rewarding myself by enjoying my family and friends who will share it with me.

I also look forward to learning about the new Weight Watchers program that will unveil itself for me on Tuesday, November 30th…just two short weeks away.  I like the concepts that I have been reading online and think that “shaking it up” a bit will be a pleasant change.

Now, back to talking about travel.  I visited my sister in Los Angeles for a few days and part of the visit includes visiting restaurants that we like and introducing one new restaurant to the mix.  This time, we tried Mastros, a place in Beverly Hills that is known for its steaks. 

I had the petite filet mignon, which was about four ounces after it was cooked, and sides, for which they are known, of garlic mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.  Three of us shared each of those sides and most of them went home as leftovers, so it was the equivalent of a spoonful of each for me.

I think that the only part of restaurant dining that bugs me is the amount of salt that is added to the food when it is prepared.  I can control most of what goes on in the grilling and butter department, but the salt just seems to be there.  And, after eating, I generally feel like I have expanded proportionate to the chef’s “heavy” hand.  Don’t get me wrong, it tastes great, and I know it doesn’t add points.  I just don’t like the feeling. And, I definitely try to avoid the restaurants the night before a weigh-in.

So, time to make dinner…at my house.

Talk to you soon.

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