Tuesday, November 3, 2009


How’s that for a title that means nothing to anyone but me. But, now I’m going to break the code for you.

Today is weigh-in day, and I’m proud to report that I have lost 10 pounds in 50 days, which represents 20% of my 50- pound goal. And, if you have been following my blogging, you know that at every 20%, I plan on rewarding myself with a small gift.

I’m not sure what that gift is going to be, and I might just savor the moment for a few days before running out to find it. For now, I’m staring at my second gold star from Claudette, our meeting leader, and giving myself a high five.

Thanks for sharing my adventures with your friends, and I greatly appreciate the support that my fellow meeting attendees provide to me.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Wooohoooo Jane. I'm impressed. I hope you treat yourself to something really fun.

  2. How about a message or a nice haircut. Those self-loving things are a real treat.