Monday, November 30, 2009

November monthly wrap-up...12 more tips to stay on track

Another month under my belt and another dozen things I learned.

1. You do have less chins when you lose weight.
2. Substituting low point treats for high point splurges actually does work.
3. Treating myself to a small gift at my first milestone is a great investment…in me.
4. You save money at Costco if you don’t graze on the free samples because you don’t end up buying the actual product that you didn’t need anyway.
5. Holidays are about the people you spend your time with much more than the food you eat.
6. Visit a Weight Watchers meeting while on vacation. It’s an hour well spent.
7. A yellow rainsuit in a fancy hotel lobby can provoke unwanted comments.
8. Airplane seats feel better when the arms aren’t leaving dents in your hips.
9. Make the decision to lose weight so you feel better…looking better is the added benefit.
10. Remember that studies show that women ate 71 percent more out of transparent containers than they did out of dishes they couldn't see through.
11. A blog posting a day keeps my pounds away.
12. Believe that you will lose the weight and that you will keep it off. It’s that time of year where giving is the name of the game, so donate those clothes that don’t fit.

Talk to you soon.

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