Saturday, November 28, 2009

Better use for bigger clothes

For the past two years, I have lived in Novato and one of the things I find in my mailbox, almost weekly, is a card from a charitable organization that is willing to stop by and pick up items left in front of my house.

I decided that I would use this opportunity to purge my clothing as I lose weight. The old version of me saved the clothing in case I grew back into it. There are some doozies of last century’s clothing still waiting to be rescued in the back of my closet. My guess is that you have a few “beauties” in your closet, too.

This time I don’t need a safety net. I can do double duty by giving some nice, gently worn items to worthy causes and giving myself permission to believe that I will never need them again.

So, I encourage you to part with your “bigger” items. Whether you have pick-up service or you drive to your local favorite charity, it’s a good thing, especially during the holiday season.

I’m heading to my closet right now…get a few activity points and head to yours.

Talk to you soon.

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