Sunday, November 29, 2009

Letting my fingers do the walking

Black Friday 2009 is a thing of the past, and I have to report that I locked myself in my house that day to avoid the crowds. Even though it probably would have been a way to rack up some activity points, it wasn’t worth the aggravation. Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, which is much more my style. I like to peruse multiple retailers at my own speed, while sipping a few cups of coffee, and the only part of my body that may get some activity will be my fingers.

Most of the retailers that “know me” from past purchases have already lured me to their sites with pre-season discounts and free shipping. So, I kind of know what’s coming tomorrow. What I noticed about my browsing this year is that I have not spent time on any of the sites that produce food “goodies.” Poor old Mrs. See’s, Mrs. Field’s and Harry and David are going to have to live without me.

In the past, sites like these have offered me a gift if I bought one for someone else. I was lured in by that idea and my house runneth over with food I didn’t really need.

This year, I’m just not looking. My fingers are doing the walking right past those cyber sites and I have no regrets. Let someone else’s house explode with unnecessary points.

See you at the cyber mall.

Talk to you soon.

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