Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday night feast

Two people live in my house, and one of them isn’t a member of Weight Watchers. So when I fix dinner, I try to make the “main event” something that works for me and embellish it with items that my husband will find appealing, like the baguette basket and butter.

Last evening, I tried a new recipe for pork loin that I found on the Weight Watchers online site. I like cooking with the minimum of kitchen clean-up, so anything that can go in the oven beats items on the stove for me.

After inserting 24 pieces of fresh garlic into the roast and rubbing it with an herb concoction, it did its own thing at 400 degrees for one hour while I watched TV until my husband got home.

I’ve got to say that it turned out pretty darn good. After we were finished, I shared that the meal was compliments of a Weight Watchers recipe. I’ve been living with my husband long enough to know that if I had shared that news before he ate the meal, he would be worried that it would taste “dietetic.”

Saturday night dinner at my house got four stars, and we even have leftovers.

Talk to you soon.

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