Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Approaching the 15 pounds lost mark

Statistics day is here again. Good news on the weigh-in front…two pounds more gone for a total of 14.6 pounds in 11 weeks. Remember, Thanksgiving was earlier this week, and I got through it with points to spare.

The other piece of news is a blog statistic. Thanks to all of you, we hit the 2000 hits mark yesterday. I love to know you are out there keeping an eye on me. Actually, it’s 4000 eyes helping me along.

As I walked home from my Weight Watchers meeting today with my husband, he gave me a quote that he read that captures the essence of what I am trying to accomplish with this weight loss “project.” He said if I want to predict the future, I should invent it myself.

So, I have to go back to inventing now, as I get ready to clean up my third, yes you read that correctly, Thanksgiving dinner. Alex is back from his East Coast adventure, and we had turkey with all the trimmings this evening. I’m happy to have him back as my healthy eating buddy.

Talk to you soon.

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