Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 50 weight loss revelations for 2009

Another month coming to a close and 2009 clicking to an end means it’s time to look at what I learned in December. In addition to those items, I decided that I would ring out 2009 by re-stating the entire list of my “knowledge nuggets” since beginning Weight Watchers on September 15. So, here we go:

1. If I want to predict the future, I should invent it myself.
2. Rewarding myself with something from the shoe department guarantees that it won’t become useless as I shrink in weight.
3. Eating mashed potatoes, by themselves, was kind of a stupid way to solve a problem.
4. Making the decision to lose weight is personal and has to happen when one is really ready to commit to it.
5. I am giving myself better health by losing almost 15 pounds since my last birthday.
6. I wake up every day knowing that my tracker is waiting for me with a full compliment of points to start another successful day.
7. I look forward to starting 2010 weighing less than I did when I started 2009.
8. Taking care of yourself pays off in later life.
9. You do have fewer chins when you lose weight.
10. Substituting low point treats for high point splurges actually does work.
11. Treating myself to a small gift at my first milestone is a great investment…in me.
12. You save money at Costco if you don’t graze on the free samples because you don’t end up buying the actual product that you didn’t need anyway.
13. Holidays are about the people you spend your time with much more than the food you eat.
14. Visit a Weight Watchers meeting while on vacation. It’s an hour well spent.
15. A yellow rain suit in a fancy hotel lobby can provoke unwanted comments.
16. Airplane seats feel better when the arms aren’t leaving dents in your hips.
17. Make the decision to lose weight so you feel better…looking better is the added benefit.
18. Remember that studies show that women ate 71 percent more out of transparent containers than they did out of dishes they couldn't see through.
19. A blog posting a day keeps my pounds away.
20. Believe that you will lose the weight and that you will keep it off. It’s that time of year where giving is the name of the game, so donate those clothes that don’t fit.
21. Walking, for me, works better with a destination.
22. 50 weeks is a long time. It’s easier to think in 90 –day chunks.
23. About 3.5 hours between meals, and I’m hungry.
24. Planning for an occasion and eating before hand helps.
25. Going to Weight Watchers meetings is more fun with family and friends.
26. Gold stars are good incentives for me to perform.
27. Free lunch isn’t free if you eat when you are not hungry.
28. Clean plate club doesn’t apply my plate AND to other peoples’ plate, too.
29. Buy only what you are going to eat, if you think having extra will sabotage you.
30. Lose weight for your health not for an occasion.
31. Plateaus and gains happen, so get back in the saddle.
32. Plus size women do enjoy fashion.
33. Leftovers can be turned into fun and satisfying meals.
34. Little things you can control make life more enjoyable.
35. Excitement keeps my mind off eating.
36. Bring your own snacks on the plane.
37. Half a great pancake is better than missing out.
38. Order the kid’s meal.
39. Buy Halloween candy on Halloween, and give it all away.
40. Time passes anyway, so why not use it to lose weight.
41. My refrigerator isn’t my enemy.
42. Portion control is and will continue to be my toughest challenge.
43. Walking isn’t as bad as I thought.
44. Staying for the whole meeting is helpful.
45. Giant fudge bars are great and have only one point.
46. Weighing- in once a week is good for me.
47. Free food isn’t really free.
48. Eating breakfast keeps me together until lunch.
49. Milestones should be celebrated.
50. Having someone say they are proud of me makes me smile.

Happy New Year!

Talk to you soon.

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