Friday, January 1, 2010

Our New Year's Eve party...of four

So, what did you do for New Year’s Eve? My husband and I went out to dinner…again. Yes, I thought I was going back to cooking last evening, but a last minute phone call from our friends who also had no plans changed our meal from a pork crown roast in our oven to the New Year’s Eve menu at Frantoio in Mill Valley.

I figured that because we were eating at 7, that the regular menu would be in force and the special New Year’s Eve menu would kick-in later to accommodate those party people who had a big night planned. I was wrong.

We love the food at Frantoio, but I really wasn’t interested in a three course fixed price meal that included champagne. It was great for the other three at the table because they got my champagne, my appetizer and my dessert. I only wanted the main course and picked rack of lamb. I exchanged the potatoes au gratin that came with it for cauliflower puree, which came with the ahi tuna. I probably violated the aesthetic sense of the chef, but didn’t care.

The meal was delicious, the spontaneity was wonderful, and we were back at our house in time to watch the ball drop in Times Square. As a New Yorker, that is the only ball that counts, so even though it was a delayed feed from three hours earlier, I was happy.

Now, it’s time to eat the pork crown roast that moved itself to this evening.

Talk to you soon.

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