Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hats off to Nora and Scott...and to losing 19.4 pounds

One great benefit of attending Weight Watchers’ meetings is getting to know the other members. I have met some really wonderful people in the 18 weeks that I have been a member and have gotten some very helpful tips.

Today, my buddy, Nora, mentioned a restaurant in Novato that I didn’t know existed and tonight, my husband and I went to Aurora. We had a terrific meal, and I was able to erase the bad memory of my “halibut debacle” and replace it with a yummy salmon memory, complete with mixed vegetables and potatoes. Service was impeccable and the price of our meal was 20% less than the meal we didn’t enjoy a few days ago.

So, thanks to Nora and also to Scott who taught me today how not to burn parsnips. And, by the way, it’s Tuesday, so it was weigh-in day. I’m down another .2 pounds for a total of 19.4 pounds.

Talk to you soon.

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