Sunday, January 17, 2010

And the winner is...

A rainy Sunday lends itself well to working on the “clean closets and drawers” project. Today, I tackled my closet. I knew it would be a multi-hour endeavor, and I wasn’t wrong.

I had a lot of fun finding clothes of all sizes and eras that have traveled through the decades of my life. I have one outfit that looks like I should operate an elevator in a fancy hotel, but is one of my husband’s favorites, so I hang onto it. When it fits again, I will model it in our home.

I found the outfit that I wore when we renewed our wedding vows on Maui on our 10th wedding anniversary. I still think it’s lovely and will wear it again very soon…it fits but I haven’t figured out where to go in it.

I also found some real “doozies” that are never going to be worn by me again, and I’m not too sure why they were living in my closet. When all is said and done, you have to part company with items like these.

One of my best finds was a floor length black cashmere sweater from the 80’s. I think I used to wear it with pants, but now it has become my very soft bathrobe. It’s great with black dogs because it doesn’t show the fur.

The project is done, and I have visited the closet several times today to admire the finished work. Plus, I have quite a nice selection of gently worn, non-doozies, to donate to charity.

Time to finish watching the Golden Globes and to admire most of the gowns. I’ll being wearing a cashmere bathrobe.

Talk to you soon.

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