Friday, January 8, 2010

The Italian job

I knew that the minute I started playing around with the Pasta eTool cheat sheet, I’d end up in an Italian restaurant. Tonight’s dinner was at Mulberry Pizza in Terra Linda as the prelude to a movie. Because of the wait to get into the restaurant, the movie came and went, and we were not in attendance.

While my husband and the other couple who joined us figured out what award-winning pizza they were going to concoct, I confidently ordered the small spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce. I had built that dinner using the cheat sheet and knew that if I gave away the meatballs, I was left with a seven-point meal.

I was everybody’s friend when my dinner arrived because I donated six meatballs to the top of their half pesto/half cheese pizza and turned it into a yummy treat…so I was told. I didn’t try any.

I thoroughly enjoyed my spaghetti and realized it was the first time I have had pasta since starting Weight Watchers. The cheat sheet made it so easy to know what I was doing and to make choices that make sense based upon the number of points that I had saved for dinner.

Now, with four left over points for the day, I’m heading into the kitchen to grab a Giant Fudge Bar for dessert. That’s amore.

Talk to you soon.

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