Sunday, January 3, 2010

A wedding dress in my future

Today, while working on my New Year’s resolution of cleaning out drawers and closets, I came across my wedding album. I sat down and enjoyed looking through every page of it, remembering that very special day, 13 years ago.

I also remembered that I had joined Weight Watchers six months before the wedding to “look good in my dress.” I have to admit that the pictures proved that I had lost enough weight to wear a dress with a waist. I also remember telling my husband that I wanted to put the dress on again for our fifth wedding anniversary just to recreate that wedding feeling again.

Well, I know exactly what closet the wedding dress is hanging, and it has not been worn in 13 years. By our fifth anniversary, my quick fix wedding weight loss had long passed, and I knew I couldn’t fit into the dress.

Today, I told my husband that I would be wearing the dress in 2010. And, when I reach my goal, it will be too big. That’s okay, because our 15th wedding anniversary is in 2011, and I look forward to having it taken in and wearing it again.

Talk to you soon.

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