Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What a waist

Out came the measuring tape in a fit of curiosity earlier today. You know I don’t take my measurements too often, but I knew that it had been a while since I entered some new information on my eTool measurement tracker. I do like looking at the graph after I add the new data.

It has been 17 weeks since I joined Weight Watchers and there are 10.5 inches less of me now, so it was worth taking the time to check. The biggest change came in the middle…my waist is five inches smaller. Believe me, it needs to be.

I started thinking back to 34 years ago tomorrow, the day my oldest son, Erik, was born. I gained 50 pounds with that pregnancy, and my waist disappeared completely. I joined Weight Watchers, for the second time, several months after he was born and within a short period of time, I got my waist back. I did it so I could fit into my work clothes and head back to my job.

Now that I am a grandmother to that son’s son, I want a waist so I can bend over more easily, pick up my grandson and be here to see him grow up.

So, Happy Birthday, Erik! And baby, Matt, I'll be there to see you soon.

Talk to you soon.

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