Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chinese food makes me hungry for Italian

Yesterday, I was playing with a feature on the Weight Watchers eTool, called the Chinese Buffet Cheat Sheet, that allowed me to fill a plate with a variety of foods that one would find at a Chinese restaurant. The wrong choices, which used to be my regular choices, got me racking up 30 points before quitting the exercise. I don’t get 30 points for an entire day let alone one meal.

I guess that all that exposure to the Chinese Buffet Cheat Sheet catapulted me into a Chinese restaurant this evening before attending a movie. My husband and I went to Jennie Low’s, and my research last evening served me well.

I knew that one cup of chicken and broccoli plus a cup of white rice is six points, so that’s what I ordered. Of course, the portion size delivered was double the amount I needed, so I packed the rest to go. I think that a Chinese restaurant is one place where taking home leftovers goes with the meal.

Now that I got to see how much fun it is to play around with Chinese food online, I’m moving on to the Pasta Cheat Sheet. There’s a good chance that I will be found in a local Italian restaurant real soon.

Talk to you soon.

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