Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saving $$$ joining Weight Watchers

Another week, another weigh-in…and the report is that 1.6 pounds more is gone for a total of 19.2 pounds in 17 weeks.

But, the real story is in the title of this posting. My son, Alex, drives from San Francisco to Novato on Tuesday mornings to join me at Weight Watchers. We walk the three miles round trip from my house to the meeting and back, and then he usually goes back to the city.

Last evening, he parked his car in a spot that required it to be moved at 7:30 a.m., by mistake. Luckily, as he was getting dressed to drive out to Novato, he heard the tow truck outside his window and ran out to stop the car from being impounded just in the nick of time. Had it not been for Weight Watchers, he would have slept through it.

So, he credits Weight Watchers for saving him hundreds of dollars in fines and for losing another pound today. He’s one happy guy.

Talk to you soon.

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