Sunday, January 24, 2010

Collecting activity points

Last Tuesday, it rained and I didn’t walk to my meeting. It was the first time that I chose the car over getting soaked. This Tuesday is going to be the second time. I have a choice to make…either skip Weight Watchers this week or drive to the meeting, get weighed in and go directly to the airport to catch a flight for my business trip. I don’t even have time to stay for the meeting, but I am going to attend. It will be tight, but I can make it work.

Knowing in advance that I am missing another walk, my husband and I went out today, in the drizzle, and walked for 90 minutes, which is twice the roundtrip walk that I do on Weight Watchers day. I figure that it makes up for missing two weeks of walking. I got six activity points for my efforts and even got to wear my cute new rainboots.

I am left with one more hurdle during this trip. I have to figure out how to input my daily postings without my computer. It’s not coming on the trip and neither is my husband. I may write three of them before I go and have him post them for me. And, I may not, if time runs out. One way or another, I will catch up again. It may mean you get two posts on the same day. So many details, so little time….

Talk to you soon.

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