Thursday, January 28, 2010

Olympic tips for all of us…part three

In the spirit of the upcoming Olympics and while on the road for business, I am leaving you with helpful hints that I read in an article entitled, 14 Tips for Starting and Sticking With It, Stop Failure Before it Starts, written by Julie Isphording, a former Olympian.

Here are the final five:

Just show up. Go to the gym, class, or the park. Once you’re there, it’s hard to say no. 98% of life is showing up.

Eat. Follow a healthy eating pattern. If you limit your calorie intake, you will not have enough energy to work out and your metabolism will slow down.

Understand your energy cycle. There are peaks during our days. Even during the week. Try to complete your workout when you feel good about yourself.

Wallow in your greatness. You can exercise to become a better exerciser, or you can exercise to become a better mother, a better father, doctor, teacher, or a better friend – or you can exercise to become BETTER. Be proud of that accomplishment.

Have fun. Where’s your childlike spirit? When you can make workouts "playouts," you’ve got it made.

And as Julie says, don’t give up on yourself. After all, it’s never too late to be that healthy person you might have been.

I’m back tomorrow and have missed you.

Talk to you soon.

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