Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Olympic tips for all of us…part two

In the spirit of the upcoming Olympics and while on the road for business, I am leaving you with helpful hints that I read in an article entitled, 14 Tips for Starting and Sticking With It, Stop Failure Before it Starts, written by Julie Isphording, a former Olympian.

Here are five more of them:

Where are your friends? Four words, four reasons – motivation, inspiration, determination, conversation. Surround yourself with friends who think positive and live large.

Put the pain in perspective. When the going gets tough, remember that you have survived 600 carpools, 540 loads of laundry (this month), 41 baseball games, 230 dinners and one family vacation. What’s the big deal?

Allow yourself to slow down. You’re driving this bus! For the first time today, you are in control.

Sign up for a race. It’s a goal to strive for and adds a little meaning to your everyday workout.

Run/walk in public. Be proud of your accomplishment. Take in all the sites and be an inspiration to others.

Check in tomorrow for the last five tips. I’ll be back on Friday, so stay tuned…!

Talk to you soon.

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