Saturday, January 9, 2010

A primer on beef

Once upon a time, I used to splurge and buy a prime rib from either Safeway or Costco, depending upon which one had the better price. Yesterday, the Safeway delivery truck pulled up with a bouncing five- pound baby beef, complete with four ribs. It’s the first one that has arrived since joining Weight Watchers.

Tonight, as I was cooking it, I thought back to its ancestors…prime ribs that had been consumed by my family over the years. A four rib roast meant that my husband and I could each have a rib and enjoy another meal later in the week with the two that were leftover.

This time, my portion is four ounces. I’m not complaining but actually amused by the amount of leftovers we have to look forward to over the upcoming week. My husband and I barely put a dent in that little guy. Tomorrow, my son will be dropping in for a visit, so it’s obvious what he will be getting for dinner.

It’s really a good thing that we love this cut of meat. It’s going to become am old friend by the time it’s finished.

Talk to you soon.

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