Monday, January 18, 2010

Suiting up

When I got tired of working today, I decided to try on two new bathing suits that I bought in November. I ordered them online, and because they are a brand I am familiar with, I am also familiar with the sizing. I bought a size that I thought would be correct when I actually have to wear them next month. My pound a week average weight loss coupled with the online measurement tool suggested the size that would be right for me.

I can report that they are almost the correct fit. Another five pounds or so and they will be perfect. I have enough time to make that happen. I don’t usually purchase items with the thought that I will fit into them at a later date. But, I also don’t usually lose weight and keep it off. Now that I’m doing it for my health, I have no fear that I am wasting my money.

With the amount of rain anticipated this week, I might have to run around the backyard in my new suits…or not.

Talk to you soon.

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