Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movie club test isn't pass/fail

This evening is Movie Club. If you remember, I started this blog because of the September Movie Club choice, Julie and Julia. We meet every other month, and my husband and I missed the November meeting because we were in Florida. So, this is the first time most of the group has seen me since I began Weight Watchers.

When you or the people you live with look at you on a daily basis, your weight loss is gradual and there aren’t a lot of “aha” moments. Even though I have lost over 17 pounds, I started out packing enough extra pounds to wonder when “outsiders” will notice the difference. Tonight will be the test.

But, it doesn’t really matter if anybody does notice, because I know what has been going on. I know that my pants are two sizes too big. I know that my knees feel a lot better when I stand up. I know that I have less “chinnage.” I know I am getting healthier.

The important lesson in this for me is that once again, I’m not trying to lose weight for an occasion…even if the occasion is having other people notice I have lost weight. It’s all being done for me…and that’s the way it should be.

Talk to you soon.

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