Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seven days at sea

Next month, I will be boarding the largest cruise ship in the world, the Oasis of the Seas, for a week of sailing around the Caribbean. Sunday’s Chronicle featured a three-page article about the new ship and highlighted some of the 24, yes you read that correctly, places that serve food on the ship. From cupcakes to fine dining, everywhere you look there is another eating establishment.

My dad is gearing up for the cruise by trying to lose five pounds between now and when we leave. I think he will do it, but I haven’t asked him if the rest of his plan includes eating it back on while we are away. I think that at age 84, he can make his own decision on that one.

My sister is getting ready for the cruise by making me promise to split meals with her. I like that idea, because it keeps us from wasting food. There is really no point in trying to take leftovers back to the cabin and stuffing them in the mini-frig, as the next day will yield more enormous meals.

I’m doing nothing different to get ready for the cruise in the eating department. For me, the two things that will change on-board are the need to track points manually, as my computer isn’t sailing, and seven days of not posting to this blog. Yes, I think I am going to be shut out in that department, unless using the public internet connection is free.

So, my idea is to recite my postings to my husband on a daily basis. Let’s see how fast he can disappear on a ship the size of three football fields when I start down that road.

Talk to you soon.

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