Saturday, January 23, 2010

If you bake them...we will come

I stopped at Peet’s in Corte Madera today for a coffee break and decided to buy a plain biscotti. I checked my points tracker and for three points, I thought it was worth it. Everything else in there was pastry-like, so it was pretty much my only option.

Boy, was I disappointed. I wanted to like it, because it is rare that I buy anything like this and my coffee looked so lonely without a companion goodie. But, I might as well have eaten the plastic wrapper it came in because the taste would have been the same. I had thought about the other choice of biscotti, the one with the chocolate on it, but didn’t want the extra points.

I thought about throwing it away. But, I still was feeling bad about the halibut which bit the dust last week and couldn’t do it again. Even dunking it in my coffee did nothing to improve the taste. At least it didn’t cost as much as that fish.

So, Peet’s if you are listening, change the formula for those plain biscotti. There are people out there trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we need better three point goodies to go with our coffee. If you bake them, we will come.

Talk to you soon.

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