Sunday, January 31, 2010

Deadlines and eating...planning is the key

The next two weeks are going to be jammed packed with deadlines. I know that I will have to pay close attention to my eating because there is so much to do that I could easily miss meals if I am not really careful.

Notice my worries are about missing meals…healthy meals. The old me would have solved that problem by eating junk food throughout the day to “keep my strength up” which is simply a way to pump enough sugar through my system to keep me awake.

Planning ahead is going to be more critical than usual. I always track my points, but I am going to have to think about tomorrow before tomorrow actually comes. And, I’m going to be doing that for 14 days.

Tonight, for example, I have loaded my purse with my granola bars, because I am going to be in meetings from 10-4 and don’t know if lunch is on the horizon. At least, if it’s not, I can sneak away for a few minutes and eat my Nature Valley bar and a banana. I’ll pack the banana in the morning so it’s not an unidentifiable pile of black mush when I need it.

As I finished writing tonight’s post, I remembered that it’s the last day of the month. This should have been the post that recaps the things I learned in January. Oh well, tomorrow is another day…with a new item to add to my "to do “list.

Talk to you soon.

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