Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Counting sheep...not grapefruits

Whenever I have tried to lose weight in the past, I would do this weird mental tally when I was drifting off to sleep in the evening to see if I “cheated” or stayed on the program that day. It didn’t matter what program I was following. I would count calories, points or grapefruits and then would fall asleep either proud that I got through another day or annoyed that I didn’t quite do it.

Then, if it was the latter, I would wake up in the morning, remember that I had “screwed up” the day before and continue to be annoyed which would sometimes lead to the beginning of the end of losing weight for that cycle.

This time is different than all the times before. By tracking everything I eat on the Weight Watchers eTool tracker, I know long before I go to bed what’s up with my points. I find it fun to use automated tracking because I failed in previous attempts with a pen and paper tracker. If the pen wasn’t around, I would try to remember to write things down later, and later would come too late to remember what I ate.

The computer is part of my work and personal life and between it and my Weight Watchers iPhone app, I always have my tracker on me and I am ready to update.

Not thinking about points at bedtime makes sleeping so much more restful. And because I follow the program, I wake up every day knowing that my tracker is waiting for me with a full compliment of points to start another successful day.

Talk to you soon.

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