Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The tape measure doesn't lie

Today, I decided to do another pass over the body with a tape measure to see how many inches less of me there are than when I started Weight Watchers. Good news is that eight inches is gone. Skin certainly is an amazing tissue. Can you imagine if every inch you lost just hung around like a deflated balloon? Then, you would wish you were fat.

Now, I know that it is difficult for some people who lose massive amounts of weight to deal with the issue of excess skin. But, for most of us in Weight Watchers, this is not going to be the case. Even at age 58, there still is a lot of elasticity in this body and things seem to be going back to where they should have been all along.

I have also dropped two sizes in clothing, but still am too cheap to go shopping, especially this time of year. I’ll wait for the sales…and until I drop another size. At that point, there will be no other choice.

Talk to you soon.

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