Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The big 100

If it’s Tuesday, it must be weigh-in day. It was and with another .6 pound gone, I am 16.6 pounds lighter at the end of week 14. And my son, Alex, dropped 2.5 pounds and received a gold star for passing the 15- pound milestone. Yay, Alex! Yay, me!

Today is also a milestone in the blogging department. This is the 100th posting I have made to this blog. Time sure flies when you are having fun and losing weight. I keep hearing the words of Claudette, our meeting leader, reminding us that the time passes regardless of how we choose to use it.

I’m glad I chose to spend my time at Weight Watchers. I look forward to starting 2010 weighing less than I did when I started 2009. I have met some very nice people in my meetings and look forward to celebrating their successes, as well as my own. And, I have enjoyed spending time with my son every Tuesday as we walk to and from the meeting. Losing weight is one heck of a good time!

Talk to you soon.

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