Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eggs and pizza...time for Sunday dinner

Breakfast for dinner…that’s Sunday in my refrigerator clean-out project. Down to my last six eggs, I decided to use three of them to make scrambled eggs. I always forget how much I enjoy sitting in front of my fireplace on a wet winter evening, wrapped up in a snuggly throw blanket and eating breakfast food.

My husband doesn’t eat eggs, so we were at a crossroads of going out to a restaurant, going to the grocery store and buying something to cook at home or calling for a pizza delivery. He was in the mood for pizza, so that left my world open to those eggs. I paired them up with a Thomas’ multigrain muffin and a dish of fresh strawberries. The meal was low in points and high on the satisfaction index.

Tomorrow will require a visit to Safeway to pick up a few essential items to get through this upcoming week. I can only do the breakfast for dinner meal about once a month, and only in the winter, or it loses its appeal. My husband, however, will be eating leftover pizza for a while since his pre-Weight Watchers pizza partner has retired from active duty.

Talk to you soon.

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