Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another gold star weigh-in

This just in…I earned another gold star at weigh-in today for passing through another five pounds of weight loss. As of today, 13 weeks and the actual three-month anniversary of joining Weight Watchers, I have lost a total of 16 pounds.

I told you my birthday is Friday and that my best present to myself was becoming healthier. I knew that I would be in the neighborhood of 15 pounds lost and was very pleased to crest it and head into the “almost 20 pounds” neighborhood.

The interesting thing I realized today is how much I don’t think about making headway into the 50 pounds I want to lose. I think about how glad I am that I still have 37 weeks ahead of me to try. And, that if I’m not quite there, I will keep going until I am.

Congratulations to my Weight Watchers buddy, Nora, who picked up a gold star with me today. We have lost exactly the same amount of weight and enjoy comparing notes. And, to our friend, Scott, way to go on achieving your 10% key chain. We think you should have gotten a car, but maybe that’s what you get when you reach goal!

Talk to you soon.

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