Thursday, December 3, 2009

Powerful decision making...over comfort food

The social calendar is filling up. A wedding reception, holiday dinner with “the girls,” various lunches with various friends…you know how the month of December goes. Between the events and trying to get my work done before people disappear for their year-end festivities, I feel like I’m going in circles.

Yesterday, for the first time since joining Weight Watchers, I had that “what can I eat because I’m frustrated,” urge. I identified and tackled the “what can I eat because I’m bored” problem weeks ago, but this other one hadn’t reared it’s ugly heard lately. I was sitting on my couch thinking about the mashed potatoes leftover from our third Thanksgiving. Although I had the points to put towards eating them, I chose not to do it.

It was interesting to me that I could now stop long enough to think about the comfort food, analyze the points and make a decision based upon rationale thinking rather than emotional response. Eating mashed potatoes, by themselves, was kind of a stupid way to solve a problem. I made popcorn and fifteen minutes and one point later, the frustration had passed.

Taking an extra minute or two to decide whether I really want a particular food is a new thing. I like the feeling of power it gives me.

Talk to you soon.

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