Monday, December 14, 2009

It's all about the cookies

I was a little disappointed today. It was the weekly airing of the Joy Fit Club weight loss success person on the Today Show and the build-up was enticing. A young woman had lost 110 pounds, so I had to see the before and after and learn how she did it.

It started out okay. Before she actually came out, Joy, Hoda and Kathie Lee looked at a plate with a half-eaten chicken tender and a few French fries which symbolized the daily “pickings” off the soon to be introduced thin woman’s young daughter’s plate. It was a habit that took place if the daughter didn’t finish the whole meal. I certainly had experience in that department and on more than one family member’s plate in a meal.

“Just picking” off that extra plate equaled an additional 110 calories every day. Then, they showed the end of the month stack of all the chicken tenders and French fries that would have amassed if you put them on one plate…pretty impressive and 3300 extra calories a month.

I was hooked. Out came the young woman and she looked fantastic. Too bad she opened her mouth. When asked how long it took to lose 110 pounds and how she did it, the answers were “in six months and using Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet.”

I have to admit that the notion that Dr. Siegal may have made it financially worth her while to appear did cross my mind, considering she mentioned his name enough times that I can remember it, but I want to believe that my friends in the Joy Fit Club would have checked that out.

I was disappointed because this 30 year- old woman lost a lot of weight in a very short time using a method that most likely cannot be maintained. There was no discussion of learning to eat healthier. It was all about the cookies.

I don’t know one thing about Dr. Siegal or his cookies. He looks quite pleasant in his website picture, and if he offered me a cookie, before Weight Watchers, I probably would have eaten it. But, if the Keebler Elves had offered me cookies, I would have eaten those, too. Sometimes, I used to dream about living on Pepperidge Farm.

It’s all about the cookies.

Talk to you soon.


  1. I don't understand how cookies of any kind could replace real whole food.