Saturday, December 5, 2009

Running on empty...twice

I am down to the wire on writing this post. Only 27 minutes more, and it will be tomorrow, and I would have missed a day of writing to you. But, I’m here and ready to tell you that I had to get really creative with my approach to eating thanks to two events that were scheduled three hours apart. I will elaborate.

At 5 p.m., the annual Christmas tree lighting took place in Novato and my husband and I attended. It was the first time for us, as we are newcomers to this town. I planned a late lunch, which took place at 3, and had an easy time staying away from the hot chocolate and holiday cookies that surrounded me at the tree lighting.

But then, I was hungry. And we had to get home and dressed to attend a wedding reception. We dashed into Finnegan’s, our local pub, and grabbed a burger. Well, half a burger, as my husband and I split one.

Onwards to the wedding reception in Sausalito that was billed as what I call a “bubbles and sweets” affair. It started at 8 and featured desserts and champagne. Once again, I got through that part without too much trouble, although I really love dessert.

But then, I was hungry. Now it was 10:30 and the only place we could go was Sushi Ran, for a quick dinner of teriyaki chicken, rice and asparagus. Once again, I split it with my husband and then noticed it was approaching 11, and I needed to be back in Novato writing to you and posting before midnight.

Four meals today, two events and skillful driving, by my husband, and I’m home…with 10 minutes to spare.

Holiday season is wearing me out.

Talk to you soon.

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