Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not my grandma's rainwear

It took me a while to figure out how to reward myself for my first 10 pounds of weight loss. In the past, I have to admit that a reward for just about anything that I was celebrating included some sort of high calorie, but really yummy, dessert. Not this time…that’s why it has taken me weeks to decide.

But, when I walked into Nordstom, I knew I had found IT. I don’t own any shoe wear suitable for rain. I march out of the house in my little leather flats that become water logged and sometimes wrecked because I “keep meaning to do something about it” but never get around to finding a solution.

Now that I walk to Weight Watchers and winter is coming, there will be rain. My “sneakers” aren’t going to do the trick for three miles of wet walking. I had to have…rainboots. They are rubber and black and white plaid and a far cry from my last pair of rainboots in grade school. My grandmother and I owned matching sets of clear plastic short boots that went over our shoes and stayed together with a jaunty elastic fastener. Quite the look. I’m surprised that I didn’t get beat up on the playground.

Rewarding myself with something from the shoe department guarantees that it won’t become useless as I shrink in weight. My feet will continue on as the size 10 that they have been since owning those plastic rainboots like Grandma’s.

Looking forward to a big rainstorm!

Talk to you soon.

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