Monday, December 28, 2009

Let's all go to the Beef Bowl

Every year, the Rose Bowl is played on January 1, and a tradition that goes along with this event is the annual Beef Bowl at Lawry’s Prime Rib restaurant in Beverly Hills. The teams and their families pack in as much prime rib as they can consume at a meal and the amount of meat is then reported to the world by the press that covers the event.

This is the fourth year that my family and I have eaten at Lawry’s on an evening that coincides with one of the teams’ big dinners. Last evening, Ohio State’s football team and my family had a face off with beef. Tonight, Oregon’s team was sharing a cow without us.

In the past, I have held my own with a Lawry’s 10 ounce cut of prime rib (which includes the bone), that comes with mashed potatoes, gravy, Yorkshire pudding and their famous spinning salad. Other members of my family have gone bigger, ordering the actual Beef Bowl cut, weighing in at 24 ounces.

This year, I split the Lawry’s cut with my sister, and had four ounces of prime rib. I had the mashed potatoes without gravy, did not have the Yorkshire pudding and ate half of my spinning salad. As I watched many diners dragging themselves to the door, I left the restaurant feeling “just right.”

And just so you know how much one football team and its family members can eat, it’s over 800 pounds of prime rib in one sitting. That’s one heck of a lot of meat.

Talk to you soon.

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