Monday, September 6, 2010

Head loops

Labor Day 2010 is winding down.  My husband went to work, and I worked from home.  We celebrated Labor Day by being the labor.  No complaints from me…I got a lot done with minimal phone interruptions because those people were off having fun.

I did take time to watch the Today Show, as I do almost every day.  Even though I TIVO out the commercials and stuff that looks boring and shrink a four hour show to about three, it still takes all day to finish it.  It’s during my “break time” that I hop in and out of the program.

During one of my breaks, I got to see the segment where somebody loses a lot of weight.  That’s usually a Monday feature, and the woman today had lost 150 pounds, dropping from 310 to 160.  I try to pick up an important tidbit from these episodes.

We learned that this woman, who is 46, has seven children.  After a warning from her doctor that she was slowly killing herself with the extra weight, she figured out that her children were more important to her than the extra food.

She planted that thought in her brain and it became the endless loop that played in her head every time she was tempted with the wrong food choices.  She lost the first 100 pounds in the first year and the remaining 50 pounds in the second year.  She was proud of her healthy body and so was the rest of her family. 

Each of us has to find our own endless loop and let it play when confronted with challenges.  I, too, am in it for the health.  I don’t want to be the wife and mother who didn’t care enough about herself to do everything possible to be able to enjoy my family.

How about you…what’s playing in your head?

Talk to you soon.

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