Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stop the pork madness

When you buy a pork shoulder at Costco you really get your money’s worth, especially if it weighs about a ton and there are only two of you.  It began on Sunday, when it was slow cooked on the charcoal grill.  It’s still going on.

On Sunday, I had it on a plate for dinner and have eaten it for lunch and dinner every day except Tuesday, when we went to Il Fornaio.  My husband turns it into fajitas and is working the dinner circuit only. 

Tonight, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to find a recipe that used leftover pork shoulder some other way.  And, I found it.  It became pork-fried rice…modified to fit my Weight Watchers points.

A bit of oil, some green onions, garlic, a bunch of cut up pork, fresh green beans, a few cups of white rice, a beaten egg and some soy sauce yielded enough pork fried rice for my husband and I and…more leftovers. 

I’m not sure what’s worse, looking at the hunk of pork shoulder that still lives in foil in the refrigerator or the pile of fried rice dotted with pork shoulder that lives in the Tupperware.  It doesn’t much matter, as it lives on in tomorrow’s food plan.

Talk to you soon.

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