Sunday, September 12, 2010

Redefining comfort food

Every once in a while, I am out later than midnight and when that happens and I haven’t written a post, I lose that day.  Last evening, my husband and I went into San Francisco for dinner and arrived home at 12:05, so that was one of those times.

We met some friends at Town Hall, the restaurant not a government building, and spent a few hours catching up on old times.  This couple lived in Marin when they were first married, but now, 14 years and three children later, they live on the Peninsula.  The combination of distance and life gets in the way of seeing them as often as we would like to see them.

But back to Town Hall…we have been there several times, before but it was the first time for the other couple.  They actually picked the restaurant and didn’t think we knew about it.  We know very little about City restaurants so it was a fluke that we not only knew about this one, but had eaten there a few times.

This restaurant offers a lot of “comfort food.”  In other words, all the stuff I inhaled in massive quantities before joining Weight Watchers.  But, last evening, I exercised control and still had a great meal.  I had two appetizers and no main course.

Appetizer number one was my favorite, heirloom tomatoes with feta cheese.  I followed that with a thinly sliced Parma ham served with three tiny buttermilk biscuits.  If you glued the biscuits together they still didn’t equal one regular sized one, so I didn’t over indulge.

I had a few spoons of the community butterscotch pudding for dessert and that was it for me.  Once again, the best part of the evening was spending it with friends.  It was more comforting than comfort food.

Talk to you soon.

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