Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't skip breakfast...even when drooling

When I left for the dentist yesterday, I thought I was going in for my quarterly routine cleaning.  Too bad I had forgotten that I’d agreed to an interim appointment to have an “issue” with one tooth worked on.  I had not eaten breakfast before I left, because I figured I’d be home by 11 a.m., and it would give me something to look forward to while sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Well, I was wrong.  Eighteen Novocain needles into my “procedure”, the last thing I was interested in was my breakfast.  I just wanted to go home and dine on Advil. 

I did arrive home at 11, took the Advil and then made my breakfast.  I know from both common sense and my Weight Watchers program, that eating breakfast is healthy and going to help me control my appetite for the rest of the day.  As much as I wanted to eat ice cream because I felt sorry for myself, I didn’t.  I ate yogurt, fresh strawberries and a banana…soft foods that involved little chewing but held me over until a very late in the day lunch.

Lessons learned for the day were not just about portion control.  I patted myself on the back when I ate three meals and a snack, didn’t eat ice cream to “comfort” myself and stayed within my points.  Oh yeah, I was also pretty happy when I stopped drooling!

Talk to you soon.

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