Monday, September 21, 2009

Grandma writes a diary…not a novice in trying new things

When I read other people’s accounts of things, I always wonder “who’s writing this?” So, I believe you need to know some things about me, other than that I am 57 years old, 5’ 10”, married, the mother of two grown sons and two black labs, and, of course, the woman who needs to lose (at least) 50 pounds.

So, here are six things that I have been up to in the two years since turning 55 and becoming a GRANDMOTHER, I have:

· written a book, What’s a Mother (in-Law) To Do? 5 Essential Steps to Building a Loving Relationship with Your Son’s New Wife, which was released by Simon & Schuster in June 2009,,

· started a pet product company and have my first product, supercollar® coming out in October, 2009,,

· became a 2009 semifinalist in Inc. magazine's "Newpreneur of the Year" Contest

· became a volunteer for Mentiuum, an organization that supports the development and advancement of key talent in the workplace,

· became the In-Law Relationship columnist for the San Francisco Examiner, and

· gotten a backyard makeover from HGTV’s Colorsplash.

Now, what got me to want to lose the weight, other than the fact that I want to live a longer life? It’s the last item on this list. There’s nothing like looking at yourself on television for 30 minutes to give you the incentive to do something.

I had already told my family and friends that the camera adds at least 50 pounds, but I was sure it was 100 pounds after watching myself in action. That, plus the avoidance of having my picture taken, unless at a long distance through Vaseline, pushed me over the edge.

It's clear that I am not currently comfortable with my size. For those of you who are my size and are comfortable, this column is not for you. I am extremely happy with my life and not going to be analyzing why I eat as a psychological exercise. I just like the food and need to understand how to eat everything I like by getting the concept of portion control. That's my Achilles' Heel. And that's why I chose Weight Watchers. I can learn to do this and will use the tools and wisdom of a company that has been doing it for over 40 years to help me.

Talk to you soon.

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