Thursday, September 24, 2009

No such thing as a free meal...even with a coupon

Have you ever gotten a coupon in the mail for a three -course dinner and felt compelled to order all three courses because you were paying for it anyway?  Well, last evening, my “Girls Night Out” group had our monthly get together, and I was the one with the coupon that was good for all six of us to get the three- course deal for $21. 

My other five friends are skinny.  They were excited about the opportunities contained in the choices of Caesar salad or minestrone for the appetizer, ravioli, chicken marsala or mahi mahi for the main course and ice cream or lemon bars for dessert.  All for $21.

I, on the other hand, was not excited.  I was annoyed.  I wanted “the deal” more because it was a deal than because of the food.  That made me think about some of my less than sterling eating decisions in the past.  Does my portion control issue get aroused even more when the food is seemingly “free?”  Is this why buffets and wedding receptions are really more fun for me than they actually might be?

I ended up ordering off the regular menu.  I paid $17 for grilled salmon.  I look at it as I saved $4 compared to the rest of the group and that I didn't end up adding points for food I didn’t need or really even want. 

Bring on that next buffet table…I think I can outsmart it!

Talk to you soon.

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