Monday, September 21, 2009

I’ve lost it and I’ve looked everywhere…

Yes, that’s right. It’s definitely lost. It has been gone for at least three years, when I first noticed it missing. When I was a younger woman, it followed me everywhere, but since turning 50 plus, it just seems to have vanished. Where is my WAIST?

I used to answer those magazine quizzes by saying that my body type was “pear” which certainly wasn’t as cool as “hourglass” but better, it least in my mind, than “apple.” Guess what, it’s time to make that pie, because apples are all I’ve got! Great for computers, but not so great as a body type, according to both doctors and my jeans.

I am really excited to see what happens when the first pounds start to leave my body. Where will they come from? It would be nifty if the apple began to shrink, but I think that past history of losing weight will prove that hit hits my face first. I will be exhibiting a collage of my head on a monthly basis, beginning at the 10 pounds lost point, and we can all watch the chin(s) take on a new shape. I will not be demonstrating my apple reduction with such clarity due to the fact that I think it may scare some of my readers.

Talk to you soon.

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