Monday, September 28, 2009

Weight loss rewards...recognizing milestones along the way

I believe in rewarding success.  As a business coach and former corporate executive, I know the importance of setting goals and acknowledging milestones along the way. So, why not reward myself on my weight-loss journey?

I decided that a “fair” way to recognize my achievement is to treat myself to a small gift when I have lost 20% of my 50 pounds goal (10 pounds) and then to repeat those gifts every 20% until I lose the weight.  So, five gifts over 50 weeks…seems like a plan I’ll enjoy.

I’m not talking about BIG ticket items, here.  And I am not treating myself to a milk shake, either.  But, until I hit the first milestone, I can have some fun thinking about what reward will be my first.

Talk to you soon.

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