Monday, September 21, 2009

Potluck dinner…out of luck guest?

Sunday evening was our Movie Club dinner and day five of Weight Watchers. I knew it could be tough, especially since my husband and I signed up to bring the dessert.

A trip to Costco yielded a cheesecake, which, of course I love, and then my husband asked me if I could whip up a strawberry coulis (“whip up” sounds like I know how to cook…I needed a recipe) to compliment our store bought submission. It wasn’t easy to NOT put my finger in the creamy strawberry delight, just to make sure it tasted okay, but I resisted. I didn’t doctor the recipe for me, I played it straight for the other 11 people who were going to eat it.

As a Weight Watcher, I get a certain number of points each day plus and additional 35 points per week to “spend” on the foods I eat. As of the Movie Club dinner, I still had 33 of the extra points. But, I liked having them and was pretty sure I wasn’t going to use them, even though I certainly could.

Dinner was served…a wonderful looking, notice I said looking, pasta carbonara with garlic bread. Too complicated for me to try to figure out point value of the pasta, so I enjoyed a big pile of heirloom tomatoes. I love heirlooms and they have no points. I figured that I was only going to be at this function for four hours and I could eat something with known point value when I got home. And that’s exactly what I did.

I watched everyone enjoying the meal and the cheesecake with my strawberry coulis, and knew that I would be just fine exercising patience.

I still have my 33 points in the bank.

Talk to you soon.

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