Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weigh-in day...a love story

I remember being a child growing up in New Jersey and having my mother “bundle me up” in my snowsuit and then stand in front of me attaching my mittens to my jacket, so they wouldn’t get lost.  And then she’d send me off to school each morning with my lunch box and a kiss goodbye.

I got to experience a bit of that feeling this morning as my husband got me ready to go to my Weight Watchers meeting.  I was walking there again, by choice this time, and he was preparing me properly for my journey.  Instead of carrying my 20- pound purse, he appeared with a “fanny pack” to keep my arms free.  I loaded it with the essentials, my Weight Watchers monthly pass, the house key, my driver’s license and $10.  The $10 was just in case I wimped out and had to call a taxi somewhere along the route.  The driver’s license was in case I fell into a ditch and forgot who I was.

As I stood in front of him, he attached the ‘fanny pack,” something I have not worn before, and also attached a tiny iPod Shuffle so I could listen to music.  It’s funny that my friend Elaine suggested that I listen to music while walking, and I told her that it was not an interest of mine.  But, today, I gave it a try and Bruce Springsteen was singing to me before I got out the door.

And then, when it was time to go, my husband gave me a kiss goodbye.  It made me happy.

Today was weigh-in day and I’m pleased to report a drop of 1.2 pounds, for a total of 4 pounds in two weeks.  Yeah!

And, when I returned home, (and didn't call a taxi or fall into a ditch), my husband had left for work.  But in his place was a cold bottle of water and a note telling me he was proud of me.  I’m still smiling.

Talk to you soon.

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